Friday, October 21, 2011

More baby stuff

Where: Home
When: October 2011

This is going to be a pinwheel blanket. I'm extremely proud of it, because it was the first time I had used double pointed needles, and I figured it out by myself, with the help of some descriptions and youtube videos. It's now quite a bit bigger - when it's all finished, it will look like it's made up of 10 spokes, with a lace separation between each section. I'm doing it in 4 colors, and have started the second color at this point.

Here are the colors in order of use:
(The center color)

(The color I'm on now)

The colors remind me of a sunrise or sunset, with the blue representing either water or the sky. We'll see what it ends up looking like - it will be rings of color around the center. Some people who have done this blanket have managed to make each pinwheel section a different color, but I'm not that clever, sadly.

It's coming along very quickly, with the help of, which has free audio recordings of classic books. So far I've worked through the second half of Pride and Prejudice, all of Persuasion, and am now listening to A Room With A View. It's amazing how listening to the book makes the knitting go incredibly quickly, and the knitting enhances my ability to focus on the book. Between them both, waiting for this baby to get here becomes less tedious and frustrating, as the day flies by quite quickly, and I feel like I've gotten so much done by the end.



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