Monday, June 7, 2010

If anyone is sleepy, let him fall asleep

Where: Home
When: June 5, 2010

Title is a quote from John Cage's Lecture on Nothing. It seemed appropriate since last night I lay tired, hurting, and wide awake from 10pm to 4am. I wasn't even all that panicked or upset about it until around 3:30am. Everytime I came close to dropping off, which seemed to happen about once an hour, my body would jump violently, bringing me right back into wakefullness, or one of the animals would make an innocent and normal noise, or something would creak. "Let me fall asleep" became a desperate mantra by the end.

I have a midterm, clinic, and a Pathology final in the next week, so I am anxious about the loss of sleep and the sore throat and sore muscles that kept me awake, and I'm anxious about missing school today. However, it has been quite peaceful. It's finally cool outside, so I've had the window open. A cool breeze, Couch, medicinal tea and Native American flute music have all been tremendously soothing to my body and brain. I'm hoping it will give my immune system the boost it needs to fend off whatever it is fending off. The animals seem to find the music soothing as well, strangely, they aren't being nearly as restless and/or playful as they normally are during the day.



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