Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Where: Hampstead Heath, London, UK
When: August 19, 2009
What I Like: The subject, the light and the way it seems to sparkle. And the composition.
What I Don't Like: NOTHING!! Ha.

This was taken on my last walk on the Heath. Next week or so is going to be older/revisited material, rather than brand new exciting NYC material, sadly. With the mono and all the move stuff I haven't had the chance or the energy to wander around with my camera, although I have been taking mental notes of shots I want to try to capture. The view from my apartment is a constant inspiration, although really difficult to capture, it turns out.

I'm also going through all the pictures I've posted (or not) to try to figure out which ones I want to print to hang in our new apartment. We've got tons of light and wall space, perfect gallery conditions, but I'm suddenly filled with doubt and indecision about which ones to try. I've never printed any of my photos, and I'm now worried - so many of the subjects are close-ups, won't such a thing be weird printed really big? Or even marginally big? Sigh. I'll just do a couple to start, and see how it goes.



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