Monday, October 3, 2011

Apple picking

We went apple picking last weekend! And I have a new lens to play with, so that made it even more fun. It's the Nikon 35mm 1.8 - I'm enjoying the new focal length, and it's proving to be quite a good walk around kind of lens, it served me well this trip for the detail shots, portraits, and a few landscapes. I'm quite pleased.

There were many, many apples:

Some rain - not too much rain, but just an occasional drizzle:

And a seasonal chill in the air, which made the hot mulled cider and apple cider donuts even more satisfying. We had both a pre-picking cider and donut, and a post-picking cider and donut - it's important to keep up one's strength in this kind of situation:

The drizzle made hats even more necessary, which always improves the hat-wearing experience:

A great time was had by all! It was my last outing before this baby decides to make an appearance - I'm not sure I want to be hours from the city in the next several weeks!

Oh, and I worked on this during the car ride:

Baby bootie! It turns out that attempting to crochet, when you have only just learned how to crochet, is made far more difficult in when in a moving vehicle, because there's a lot more bouncing than one might expect.


Chip "Rocket Man" Allen October 3, 2011 at 7:37 PM  

Really enjoyed this series! A new lens is always a huge occasion for me and another excuse, as if I needed one, to go out shooting. THE BOSS (my wife) knows that I learn by trying settings and pushing buttons to see what happens, only resorting to the manual when something goes wrong!


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