Friday, May 27, 2011


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When: May 2011

I'm learning how to knit! So far, I can purl and knit and cast on and bring in new colors! I like knit stitches best, the purl stitches make my hands cramp. I haven't gotten to the binding off stage yet. In theory, this will be a scarf, but I don't actually think it will be a scarf anyone wants to wear. It's more complicated than a scarf really should be, honestly, but because it's got lots of different elements, it is good practice for a variety of techniques.

The next thing is a hat, which is also a part of the learn to knit kit that had the scarf. And then I will either take a stab at a lovely looking afghan I just ordered the kit for, or I will try to hunt down enormous US 19 sized needles so that I can tackle the whole reason I decided to learn to knit in the first place, which is to learn to knit THIS most adorable of all adorable things.

At the moment, I'm stuck on what type of yarn to order for it, and also on finding needles that big, but I'm going to find a NYC yarn shop and see what they say.



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