Thursday, May 5, 2011

2/2: Coming Up

Where: Highline Park, NYC
When: May 5, 2011

It was such a beautiful, blustery spring day today, it made me miss running. It was too nice to stay inside, so I hobbled down to Chelsea to see what was blooming in the Highline Park. There's been a new water feature installed, which was a surprise, and it looks lovely as well.

I think I've figured out a walking posture that works - if I widen my stance so that the outside edge of my feet stay in line with the outside edge of my hip (I'm used to walking fairly base-narrow, my feet swinging in almost in front of each other), and concentrate on activating my glute muscles with every step, I do much better, so I was able to get there and back with very little pain. I also enjoy that the level of concentration required makes it like a little walking meditation every time I try to go anywhere. I was exhausted by the end though, and slept heavily all afternoon, embarrassingly enough.

No cooking tonight, we've decided to go out with a friend. Last night's meal was delicious though, and ridiculously easy, I think the longest part was the bread, and that was largely because it took 14 minutes to preheat the oven. Dave coached me through the salmon, and I think I now feel confident enough to do it on my own next time. Part of me wants to tackle homemade ravioli next, but that might be a little ambitious. But I LOVE ravioli. We'll see.



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