Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Hammock

Where: Solterreno, Spain
When: April 2011

I spent an awful lot of time in this hammock that week. I spent a full day in it just watching my laundry dry: listening to the birds, waiting for the wind to knock a shirt or a sock off, getting up, putting it back on, waiting for the sun to shift across the sky a bit more, getting up, adjusting the drying rack. I'm not sure what it is about the place that I can spend a full day with no more entertainment than the laundry and the birds, never feeling a flicker of impatience or boredom, while here in the city, surrounded by bustling activity, I get frustrated, bored, and restless on a regular basis.



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This is my first blog attempt. It hasn't been kept up over the last year, for some reason being pregnant really ate into my creativity, and I picked up the camera very rarely. I am thinking about starting it up again, but am not sure what direction to take it in.

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