Thursday, April 29, 2010

Laugh like you mean it!

Laugh like you mean it!
(Photo taken by my husband.)
Where: Spencer Butte, Eugene, OR
When: April 25, 2010

Ok, one more photo. That's me! With my new super short hair cut! On top of Spencer Butte in Eugene, OR, laughing thanks to my awesome friends. Dave (my husband) really likes this photo, because he says it is a particularly accurate reflection of my usual state. Most of the time, when the camera is pointed at me I get all scrunchy and anxious and do not project my personality well. This is why distractingly hilarious friends are so important.

I'm going to a yoga retreat tomorrow, for the weekend. I'm very excited, although I'm really hoping I find it relaxing, since I don't think I did enough of that over school break! It's been a wonderful break, lots of time with friends and family, lots of really quality camera time - I'm very excited about a lot of the work I've done - but this afternoon was the first actual vegging I've done over the past two weeks.

I'm actually kind of considering, at the moment, not bringing my camera this weekend, and forcing myself to just focus on yoga, and doing nothing else. Maybe even lying on a bed with my eyes closed. In the MIDDLE OF THE DAY. Or better yet, on the grass under a tree. Hm.



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