Monday, November 2, 2009

I think I'll just find another bench, thanks. (44/365)

I think I'll just find another bench. (44/365)
Where: West Village, NYC
When: Today

I just couldn't shake a persistent blah state today. I kept vacillating between a particularly bland form of boredom, and annoyance - but annoyance that didn't even have enough heat to it to alleviate the boredom. I did notice something that will probably be interesting to me in another state of mind - I had my camera, and had NO interest in taking photos or noticing things I might want to photograph, and yet I was doing it anyway. How creepy is that? I'd keep stopping to take pictures, and my brain was all "oh, what? Again? Do we have to? I didn't even see that!"

And the photos weren't even that bad, there were 6 or so that I'd like to post, including this one (which by the way I really would have loved to have gotten from a lower angle, but it was in an enclosed back garden which I couldn't enter), which isn't a bad day's catch. This 365 project is apparently turning me into a photography automaton.



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