Sunday, October 11, 2009

Don't Wake The Beast (22/365)

Don't Wake The Beast (22/365)
Where: My apartment, NYC
When: Today

Yeah, I know. Total punt. I'm sorry. I'm exhausted, was at the zen center from around 9 till almost 3pm - it was great, the meditation was wonderful, I learned a lot, and got to sit in an interview with one of the teachers there. I'm excited about practicing there, I'm going to try to make it once a week, in addition to daily practice, which I now feel more dedicated to.

Three 30 minutes sittings today, with walking meditation (kinhin) in between - my shoulders are sore, but my head feels clearer. I really needed all that time to get my brain to settle, I feel like I had a lot of things to work out and come to terms with. For the first time I think ever, when the bell rang to end the second zazen sitting, I thought "No! Wait! I'm onto something and I'm not done yet!" but I was able to finish the thread in the next sitting, and then spent the majority of it just being present, which was lovely.



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